What is your dream adventure? What are you waiting for?

Each one of us has a choice to live the life that we want to live, or follow somebody else’s vision. We can focus our time and energy on the people and activities that matter to us, or what the world tells us is important. We all dream big. But, very few live their own dream.

That’s why we have one simple mission: To Help People Live Their Own Adventure.

If you have ever dreamed of spending your days doing what you love, instead of what the world has suggested your should do, then you understand exactly what we are talking about. Just Breakaway stands for the idea that life is something that you should experience on your own terms. Time should be invested in people and activities that you find valuable. A day spent pursuing your dreams is always a day worth having.

Julie Martin
Julie Martin is a Co-founder of Just Breakaway and busy mom and wife. She is the writer behind the Just Breakaway Blog and manages marketing for the adventure lifestyle site. Julie has six kids (yes 6, that was not a typo) and loves to travel and go camping and hiking in her home state of North Carolina. She loves reading and learning about people who are living a different life to fulfill their passions and thinks that one day, she might actually entertain the idea of living in a van and traveling around the United States and abroad (don’t tell Mom!).

Julie also consults small businesses and write business documents through her business – Pitch360. If you have a story or have seem something really cool that you think Just Breakaway might like, contact her hello@justbreakaway.com

Courtney Downes
Courtney Downes is a lifestyle writer, piano teacher and the director of a kid’s creative music school in Australia. When she’s not inspiring young children, she’s inspiring herself through sharing the adventurous stories of everyday explorers featured on JustBreakaway.com.

You’ll often find Courtney a couple hours away from home toasting marshmallows on a campsite fire with family, sharing tea with hosts in luxury Airbnb cabins or simply losing herself in a mesmerising orange and pink sunset at the beach just down the road.

Connect with Courtney and say hi anytime!