It’s official. I’m in. Let’s race across the country.

Last year, while traveling out west, we came across a number of bikepacking cyclists. The idea of traveling the country by bike intrigued me. When we got back from our trip I began exploring a cycling adventure next summer.

A few weeks ago, on New Year’s Eve, I biked the 157 miles across Florida, from New Smyrna Beach to Pine Island. It was my first century ride (100 miles or more). I did it for a number of reasons. But my primary goal was to get my first century ride in during 2018.

It was also the start of my training regiment for the Bike Nonstop US, which I officially signed up for today. The cycling event which starts in late May, is a 3,400 self-supported, mixed terrain race across the United States, from Portland, Oregon to Washington, DC. Estimates are that it will take riders 2 to 6 weeks to complete the journey through the 12 states the race covers.

The longest ride I had ever done before riding across Florida two weeks ago, was about 50 miles, in late December. Prior to that the furthest I had ever ridden was 25 miles.

Is it possible to prepare to race across the country, in just four months? I’m not sure. But we will find out. If it can be done, I think I have a good chance of pulling it off.