Winter is upon us, which means a little extra time for a little travel. Instead of heading to the airlines and dealing with baggage fees and delays, hop into your car and take a road trip. Take in the open road and beautiful scenery. We have chosen three of our favorite, most iconic routes, for you to choose from.

Route 66 is a legendary route from Chicago to Las Angeles.

Route 66: Albuquerque, New Mexico, to Flagstaff, Arizona

Route 66 is a legendary journey that spans 2,400-miles from Chicago to Los Angeles. But you don’t have to cover the whole route to enjoy some of that special adventure. Skip all the travel stops and just check out this relatively short section in the high desert. Book a room at the El Vado Motel, where you can visit the Wildlife West Nature Park and grab milkshakes at Model Pharmacy.

Then head into Arizona where you can camp at the world’s best-preserved meteorite impact site, Meteor Crater. It is just across the boarder in Winslow, Arizona. Once you get to Flagstaff, be sure to stop by the Arizona Snowbowl, where you will get an amazing view of the Grand Canyon. While there you can also cross-country ski or snowshoe to your rental cabin at the nearby Arizona Nordic Village.

Blue Ridge Parkway: Charlottesville, Virginia, to Asheville, North Carolina

This is probably the most iconic drive in the east. Start in Charlottesville where you can stay at the Townsman Hotel, with its four uniquely-themed rooms. Once you hit the open road, you will get an amazing view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which stretch over 469-miles.

Make sure to stop at the historic Floyd Country Store in Floyd, Virginia, and also check out Lineville Gorge, the Grand Canyon of North Carolina. Finish your trip in Asheville, often referred to as the Paris of the South, where you can take a break in Hole Donuts, before heading out to hike. There is also a new 8.6-mile multi-use Weed Patch Mountain Trail to Chimney Rock State Park, for both hikers and bikers. After a great day of adventure check out one of the many local breweries where you can grab a great drink

Interstate 70: Denver to Crested Butte, Colorado

The stretch of interstate 70 from Denver to Crested Butte, Colorado is amazing. There are a number of ski resorts that line the drive, and the views are spectacular. The Lodge at Vail also has a new float tank in their spa that can help ease your sore muscles after an all-day mountain adventure.

While in the area make sure to jump off of I-70 and take the drive to Crested Butte, where you can go skiing or mountain biking. Make sure to check out the West Elk Loop Scenic and Historic Byway, which will take you through wilderness areas like Kebler Pass. Cap the day off at the Public House in downtown. It is a fantastic pub which offers great live music.