It’s cold in the Carolinas. I need a warmer place to ride. I am registered for the Land Run 100 in March and Barry-Roubaix in April. I need to ride if I am going to do the Bike Nonstop Race in May.

I got the idea a couple days ago to ride across Florida later this month. As it turns out there is a walk/bike path that runs across the whole state. that is almost complete. It connects the Atlantic ocean with the Gulf of Mexico.

A major section of the path was completed last summer. This new section links the Titusville area to the already completed section east of DeBary. It should make the ride much easier. The only major section that is left to be completed is in the middle of the state, west of Clermont. I am not sure of the route I will take there. But. I am confident I can find a good one.

So it’s all set. The weekend after Christmas, we are headed down to Florida. I am looking forward to nice weather, flat land, and a great ride. Assuming I get wife approval.