To some extent I took the month of November off. Not completely. I trained. But, not to the extent that I normally do. I spent considerable time resting my body and mind. I wanted to take a step back and really consider what events to do next year. And when I did that, the 100-mile Barry-Roubaix, in Hastings, Michigan, was one toward the top of my list.

If your not familiar with the race, it is one of the premiere mixed-terrain bike races in the US. The event website describes it well:

Like the classic it’s named after, Barry-Roubaix will test riders against (80%) rolling gravel roads, pavement, one mile of rough two track, rocks, sand, mud, and possibly snow and ice as you traverse the scenic roads of Barry County.

It is a classic road/off-road race, and offers a wide variety of terrain. Looking forward to it.