In 2019 the first ever “zero-waste adventure” will take place through Yellowstone National Park. Introduced by Natural Habitat Adventures, the eight-day trip will challenge travelers to reduce all of their waste and fit it into a single small container, minimizing the materials that are sent to landfills or an incinerator.

Adventurists will set out on a safari called Safari American: Yellowstone Country, where they will be taken through Yellowstone’s natural safaris, plus they will discover off-the-beaten-track wildlife spots and follow wild animals like wolves, grizzlies, and bison throughout the park. While out on the excursion travelers will be encouraged to divert 99% or more of all waste produced. Travelers will be given tactics to help reach their goal including being supplied with a zero-waste toolkit that includes personal reusable items like a water bottle, mugs, utensils, and tote bags. There will also be Sprinter vehicles with the travelers that are equipped in composting and recycling systems.

Travelers are even being prepared to practice zero-waste habits before the trip begins. They will all receive digital versions for their pre-trip materials that include forms that need to be completed as well as a daily itinerary. They are even attempting to be 100% carbon neutral and the company plans to offset the emissions from the flights, vehicles, hotels, and boats used during the tour, through programs such as reforestation initiatives.

The cause is a worthwhile effort. Camping can wreak havoc on the natural landscape since most people aren’t as mindful as they could be while traveling. With the world producing over 3.5 million tons of garbage a day, and in America the average person making 4.4 pounds of trash each day, efforts like these are a welcome endeavor. Projects like Natural Habitat’s zero-waste safari is aiming at making people think about their own impact on the environment and take the lesson home with them.

This is just the beginning as well for zero-waste trips, the company is hoping to roll out more adventures, and they hope to inspire other tour operations to do the same thing.