Mexico has always been a top destination spot for travelers who are looking to relax and get a little sun. Many don’t know that Mexico is a great place to go on some adventure traveling and exploring, plus with trade shows and tourist companies heavily promoting the industry now, Mexico will soon be the place to go for hiking, kayaking, and exploring.

There is a lot of Mexico that has yet to be explored by travelers and the adventure travel industry is continuing to grow and find these new hidden gems. Mexico City has always been a popular spot to explore but now, thanks to the “Magical Towns” program that helped highlight small cities and village across the country, travelers are seeing that there are more to these cities then what meets the eye.

Coastal destinations, such as Cancun and Los Cabo, are trying to show that they are more then a beach lodging city and can offer more to travelers who are seeking some adventure. Cities like San Luis Potosi, Chiapas, Tabasco, and Guanajuato are gaining on this opportunity and beginning to up their international presence and show travelers what they have to offer in the terms of fun.

With Chiapas gaining force due to the ease and access to the Sumidero Canyon, Chorreadero cave system, and Aguas Azules, travelers will gladly throw their sun hat aside for some hiking shoes. Not trying to be outdone, San Luis Potosi is in the heart of the city and offers a diverse range of outdoor activities and eco systems. For foodies heading into Mexico, Tabasco is going to be their stop since its colorful mountain villages is home to artisanal chocolate producers, not to mention beautiful archeological sites.

The Adventure Travel Mexico Trade Show recently took place in Colima and displayed some new offerings in the country’s adventure travel sector. Last year the hot spot to visit in Mexico was Villahermosa and other Central Mexico destinations likes Chiapas and San Luis Potosi. While still popular, travelers are now focusing on the western coast of Mexico and States of Colima and Jalisco.

Although Colima is not yet 100% ready for all the tourism it could face, the region is willing to increase international tourism. With town’s like Malinalco that is filled with undiscovered adventure, it soon won’t be in the shadows of Mexico City.

Farther west in Mexico is the crown jewel of Cabo, Baja Sur. Tourism has always been good in Baja Sur but now the area is widely open and available for people to explore. There has been an increase of activity from a variety of tour operators, like Adventuras Baja, which is focusing their energies and interest on other parts of the region like La Paz, Loreto, Magdalena Bay, and a barely-known offshore islands like Isla Carmen and Isla Monserrate.
If you are interested in exploring Mexico and its brand-new wilderness experiences, may we suggest some of the following.

Archo del Tiempo
This three-day, two-night expedition is brought to you by EcoExperiencias. You will explore tall canyon formations of the Rio La Venta and explore this lesser known area of Mexico.

Copalita Trail
Take a great hike on the Copalita Trail which gives travelers a 5-day trek from one of the highest points in Oaxaca to the Pacific Ocean. Hikers who have experienced the trail before say that camping out is like staying at a “1-million-star hotel.”

Rio Tampaon
Go rafting on the Rio Tampaon which is south of Ciudad Calles in the state of San Luis Potosi. Rafting isn’t the only thing you can do here, you can also explore the jaw dropping Cascada del Tamul while you’re at it.

If you aren’t sure what you want to do while you are out exploring Mexico, why not get in contact with a tour company that can steer you in the right direction? These are a few tour companies that can be right up your alley and will send you on amazing adventures while you are exploring the wonders of Mexico.

Matilda 70
Jorge Rincon, the owner of the company, will share his love of classic, old-school Volkswagen vans with travelers and allows them to rent one from his fleet. Available in Mexico City you can either do a straight rental or as a package with a driver and camping gear.

Unlimited Puebla
This brand-new tour company is offering a variety of different actives for travelers in the city of Puebla. This can include trekking the nearby volcano or taking a simple city tour.

Adventuras Mexico Profundo
Intertwining nature, culture, and history on its tours, Adventuras Mexico Profundo loves to provide their guest with a deeper experience. Mainly focusing on Baja California and the Copper Canyon, you and your guest will enjoy every tour you take through these beautiful cities.