Thursday, September 27, 2018

I decided to pick up my cadence a little, at my brother, Sean’s, suggestion. I intended to do a three hour ride on the indoor fitness trainer. No breaks. But, . . . I got to about an hour and 45 minutes and I realized that I had some numbness. That’s new. So I stopped riding. I will go to the bike store tomorrow and get my bike fit adjusted a little on my fitness bike. Maybe it is also time for a new seat.

Here are the results of my ride, first after an hour and then after 1 hour and 43 minutes. The increased cadence really worked. Based on the results, the 1 hour 43 minute workout was more intense than a 3 hour workout I did on the indoor cycle a couple weeks ago which was at a slower cadence.

After One Hour:
Total time: 59:15:74
Avg. Heart Rate: 169BPM
Active Calories: 753CAL
Total Calories: 877CAL

After One hour and Forty Three Minutes:
Total time: 1:43:04
Avg. Heart Rate: 152BPM
Max Heart Rate: 181BPM
Active Calories: 1,491CAL
Total Calories: 1,728CAL