Traveling around the world is a popular dream, but because most of us must work and tend to routine responsibilities, it is reserved for the lucky few. Fatemh Reslan, 25, from Michigan doesn’t let her job or money get in the way of her dream of traveling.

After losing her brother to cancer, Fatemh decided to grab life by the horns and experience the world as a tribute to him. This was a dream he had, but never able to see. As a teacher who only makes about $45,000 a year, Fatemh must budget accordingly to go on these lavish vacations and spends most of her breaks and time off from teaching in different parts of the world.

As a Kindergarten teacher, traveling has made her a better mentor for the 22 students she teaches. She believes that when you travel you are exposed to new cultures and people and those connections and experiences not only help Fatemh but also helps her students. Since she was young, traveling has always been a favorite of Fatemh and working in a career that allows her to take large blocks of time off, such as summer and winter break, has facilitated her ability to see the world and bring her experiences back to the classroom.

Why did Fatemh choose to be a teacher? Simple, she wants to help change the world. She believes that there is no better way to improve the world then by helping the people who live in it. With the traveling that Fatemh does she is able to help students from all backgrounds achieve their dreams. Getting her degree in Elementary Education and Teaching from Wayne State University and a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education and Teaching, Special Education, Fatemh is well on her way to helping today’s youth have a bright future.

Fatemh has used her summer and holiday breaks to travel to England, France, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, Bahamas, and Mexico. That doesn’t include the states within America she has explored like New York, California, Arizona, Florida, Washington, and Ohio. When traveling Fatemh doesn’t like sitting in her hotel room and instead adopts a very active lifestyle wherever she is. Trying new activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, zip lining, and horseback riding are just a few things she has been able to cross off her bucket list.

Traveling is not the only thing Fatemh does in her spare time. Being inspired by all her teachers growing up, Fatemh is studying for her doctorate degree and trying to obtain her administrative certification in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. She hopes to go from classroom teacher to a professor one day.
On top of her studies and traveling, Fatemh loves to volunteer and help the community. Volunteering at numerous elementary schools and youth programs, Fatemh always lends a helping hand to the community weather is be by tutoring, mentoring, or assisting with after school programs.

Fatemh stresses that traveling is important for everyone to do because the world is both big and small, with numerous areas to explore but the best thing about traveling is the people you meet and learn about, you will soon learn that those people aren’t that much different from yourself.

If you want to take one word of advice from Fatemh and try to follow her footsteps it’s this: you shouldn’t wait for the right moment, you should make the right moment.