An ultra-endurance race is longer then your average marathon of 26.2 miles, and races like these are becoming more and more popular by the minute. In some places you can run an ultra-marathon almost every weekend if you feel fit enough. The best thing about these runs is the scenery and places you get to see, most runs being on trails and not asphalt. Look below at some of the best ultra-endurance races in Great Britain for 2019.

Waterway 30
Length: 31 miles
Where: Nottinghamshire
Difficulty: Easier than most
When: January
If you’re looking to dip your toe into ultra-endurance running, then this is the race for you. You will run along a 31-mile loop getting beautiful views while you do so. The run doesn’t have a lot of climbs, which is perfect for beginners. Most of the people who enter this race are first timers to the ultra-endurance running world, so everyone will have something in common.

Viking Way Ultra
Length: 147 miles
Where: Humber Bridge
Difficulty: Hard
When: April
The Viking Way Ultra is a self-supported race, so runners need to be prepared. This race doesn’t allow GPS so make sure you know how to read a map. You must complete all 147-miles in 40-hours or you won’t get a medal and finishing time. This race is so hard that in 2017 only seven runners finished within the time frame. To make it a tiny bit harder, you need to complete a 100-mile non-stop race to secure a spot in the Viking Way Ultra.

The Wall
Length: 69 miles
Where: England
Difficulty: Intermediate
When: June
The Wall has only been described as brutal by most people but if you keep your head in the game it’s totally achievable. The 69-mile race started in Carlisle and follows the Hadrian’s Wall across England where you end in Newcastle.

Pen Llyn Ultra Marathons
Length: 50 miles, 75 miles, and 100 miles
Where: North Wales
Difficulty: Intermediate
When: June
The Pen Lyln Ultra Marathon isn’t one race but three, depending on the length you want to run. The kicker with this race is you have 24-hours to complete the course. You will run through North Wales’ Llyn peninsula and get amazing views of the ocean while traveling the course.

Ring O’ Fire
Length: 135 miles
Where: Isle of Anglesey, North Wales
Difficulty: Hard
When: August
The Ring O’ Fire race isn’t for the faint of heart. This three-day race will take you along the coast of the Welsh islands and is known as one of the best routes in the world. Organizers even warn runners that the race will be harder then they could have ever imagined, so be prepared when you sign up for this one.