Monday, September 10, 2018

I didn’t get my planned long ride in this weekend. There were too many unpredictable family responsibilities. I am going to move most of my working out to the weekdays, when I have a more predictable schedule.

I took my Sirrus hybrid into the shop to have it adjusted. It is riding a lot nicer now. But, I still can’t wait to get my new Straggler.

Today, I tried a new route in an attempt to find a better biking lane. Here is what I normally have to ride on, with a lot of county roads near my house:

If I ride a couple miles form my house I have a nice wide lane designed specifically for bikes:

I love sweeping hills on old county roads. But, I have to admit, the bike lane is really nice, and safe. Here are the results of today’s run. I increased the length a little:

Active Calories: 449CAL
Total Calories: 552CAL
Distance: 10.34MI
Elevation Gain: 373FT
Total time: 0:49:52
Avg. Heart Rate: 142BPM
Max Heart Rate: 161
Average Speed: 12.4MPH