Whenever you think of hiking in a canyon in the United States, it is impossible not to immediately think about the Grand Canyon, one of the seven wonders of the world, that offers outstanding hiking trails and incredible views. But this list, explores hiking adventures other than the Grand Canyon and if you love hiking, you will surely find a few in this list to go visit in your next hiking trip.

  1. Nine Mile Canyon, Utah, which actually stretches 46 miles and is a popular spot for hikers and mountain bikers. In addition, it has incredible rock art that can been seen along the hiking trails that were left by the Fremont People.
  2. Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. This land, has been preserved as a National Scenic Area and boasts basalt cliffs and wildflowers. There are historic hotels and  and guided tours that give visitors information about the land and what makes it the special place that it is.
  3. Pine Creek Gorge, Pennsylvania. Coined “Pennsylvania’s Grand Canyon”, the gorge runs 50 miles and plunges down 1,450 down. Your hiking experience can take you to scenic waterfalls,  steep canyon walls and 165,000 acres of State Forest.
  4. Buckskin Gulch, Utah. This is considered a slot canyon and is recorded to be one of the longest in the world. Your hiking adventure will take you through rock formation that have been carved from floods (which are still prevalent there).
  5. Black Canyon, Colorado. This canyon in located on the Gunnison River is the perfect place rock climbers. It is a State Park that is protects formations that date back 2 billion years. There are trails for the leisure hiker and super adventurer.