Most of us would shy away from being unemployed and homeless. Those are not really good situations and usually spell crisis. Entire federal organization are set up to help people with such times to get them back on their feet. But, there are a few adventurers out there who put themselves in that position, on purpose, with no particular plan to get out. Meet one couple who put their stuff in storage, packed a back pack and took off across the United States and then the world.

Max Blumenthal and Kelly Cueto are both Commercial Real Estate Brokers in San Diego and dreamed of traveling the world. So, how do they do it, with no income? Well, they had saved up quite a bit of money before leaving for a wedding and house. They decided this trip was more important and used it for travel and daily expenses. They budgeted $50,000. Kelly watches every penny and came up with great strategies make every dollar stretch. They use google flight to find the best flights and use the layovers to not only see more sights but to get the prices down. And, by staying in one place for several days to a month, they are saving on those flights and other travel expenses. They also avoid eating out when they can watch where they eat and how much they spend. “Small purchases such as food, coffee and alcohol are the biggest budget killers” Kelly says. So they stretch every dollar.

They also try to stay in places that allow them to walk to see sights. They spent a month in Cape Town and walked from the Airbnb as much as possible into the city. They try to “really explore one or two places” rather than trying to see everything.

Like many adventure travelers, Max and Kelly are blogging about their trip and how they are making this dream happen. You can see them at