I had no idea there was a World Bicycle Day, but there is. It is on June 3. The United Nations put it in place because of the extraordinary positive affect bicycles have on our health and the environment. Cycling is a sport for all ages and for some reason, once you learn to ride a bike you can always do it. Try that with a musical instrument or math. Most skills take relearning but the muscle memory you use to ride a bike seems to stay in place. And, for most of us riding a bike brings us back to our youth, when our bike was synonymous with freedom and friends. Before I got my driver’s license, I used to ride my bike to work and the mall, or wherever else I felt like going. I didn’t even notice the 20 mile ride or the hard seat. It was transportation and fun.

I haven’t ridden very much in over 20 years. Work, kids, responsibilities seem to take over one’s life and riding is a somewhat of a solitary sport. Sure you can take the kids on a bike ride, but that is a very different experience. We recently took a five week trip across the United States and couldn’t help but notice all of the cyclists on the roads and in the national parks. After talking with some and doing some research, we found out how much cycling has infiltrated vacations and adventure travel. There were tour companies that hauled people’s stuff in Yellow Stone so they could ride across the park without packing and we have since learned that companies offer international trips for cyclists all over the world. Bike travel is even more prolific in other parts of the world where bike lanes and bike rentals are more standard. Below are some of the most popular cycling vacations across the globe:

  1. Cairo to Cape Town Cycle with TDA Global Cycling. Go from Cairo Egypt to Cape Town South Africa.
  2. Karma Cambodia with Grasshopper. Ride from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh.
  3. Ecuador Volcano Biking takes you to waterfalls, lakes and the Inca Ruins as well as Ecuador’s Cotopaxi National Park.
  4. Red Rock Riding in Northern Arizona with Sojourn Bicycling and Active Vacations. This US ride goes through Northern Arizona’s Prescott National Forest, Skull Valley, Mormon Lake and the Red Rock Scenic Byway.
  5. Canada on Two Wheels also hosted by Sojourn Bicycling and Active Vacation takes riders through country roads and bike paths, farmlands and small villages.
  6. Slow Food Piedmont Cycling is a culinary tour offered by Tourissimo and tours riders to vineyards, ancient castles and hilltop hamlets.
  7. Paris to St. Petersburg by Ride and Seek tours the length of Europe and into Russia.
  8. Cycling Down Under also by TDA Global Cycling explores Australia’s coastal wine country, southern Outback and Great Ocean Road.