What is your favorite outdoor adventure activity? Adventure traveling and adventure activities are the big buzz words in tourism, with many companies specializing in offering people of all ages thrills and chills out in the wild or just great natural environments. Some like really thrilling experiences like mountain climbing or white water rafting and others just enjoy being out in nature.

The Adventure Travel Association conducted a study entitled “North American Adventure Travelers: Seeking Personal Growth, New Destinations and Immersive Culture”. They surveyed 8,000 Outside Magazine subscribers and found that hiking is now the most popular activity for adventure travelers. In fact, the first three top activities were related to hiking: 1) Hiking 2) Backpacking and 3) Trekking. Participants reported that the most important thing for them, when considering a new adventure was being in a natural environment, having meaning human experiences and experiencing new cultures.

And, if you have done much hiking, you should consider it. Hiking is one of the best things you can do for your body, mind and soul. According to Livestrong, hiking lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease, helps to prevent and control diabetes, increases your energy level and burns calories. It also increases your bone density, lowers your risk of cancer, elevates moods and alleviates insomnia. Many of these health benefits are true of any type of exercise, but hiking provides you with an opportunity to connect with nature, experience wildlife and breath, fresh untainted air.