I recently watched a vlog post that a guy did about his adventure across the country in an RV. The deal was, he was paid to “relocate” the RV from one location to the other and he was reimbursed gas to do so. He recruited two other guys (whom he had never met!) and off they went, recording along the way. It was pretty entertaining stuff and I am sure it earned this vlogger some youtube love.

The fact is, anyone, can do this – as long as you meet the standard rental qualifications. Companies have to fill demand and an RV is not easy to move from one place to another. Some rates are better than others, but they are all very low. One draw back is that the rental is always one-way. You will have to find another way home.

So where can you find these great deals? First, you have to be flexible with your travel dates, the deals are often only advertised for a week or so before the pick date. In the United States you can find relocation vehicles of all types at Immova. This is a search engine that specializes in relocation vehicles. This is a great tool, but there could be a waiting list. Transfercar is another great source to find relocation rentals in the United States. Although most of their inventory is cars, you can find a great deal for a great, impromptu vacation.

The prime season for relations is in the summer, so this is the time to look. Another factor that will impact your rental is how many days and the distance. Are you able to add extra days at an additional cost and what happens if you go over the mileage. When does the relocation have to be complete. Figuring out how many miles you need to drive each day and where you can stay will be key in planning out your vacation and maximizing fun.

Some of the incentives to watch out for include:

  • A low daily rate
  • Fuel reimbursement such as a free tank, fuel allowances and a free tank.
  • Travel Allowances, usually $50 – $100
  • Propane
  • A Kitchen Kit and/or linen kit.

Renting an RV for a dollar day seems like a great way to a great cheap vacation. In order to make sure that it is all you hope it will be do your homework. Make sure understand all fuel expenses, extra mileage fees, positioning expenses (getting to the RV and getting home), camp site fees, extra diver fees and add-ons.