It is a dream of many to travel full time, while bringing a six figure income through writing and photography of your travels. We read the blog posts, watch the videos and see the pictures of stunning views, outrageous adventure stunts and our favorite bloggers lounging around their converted vans with a glass of wine and a faithful dog. Meredith Carey recently penned an article, dispelling much of the glamour we assume and give some of the gory details of what is is really  to blog/vlog on the road.

Instagram has facilitated much of the personal branding and influencer status that we have witnessed of the last few years. Most of popular instagrammers report posting at least once a day, many of them post much more. They travel, shoot photos and videos, and update Instagram stories. Still sound great?

“I’m on my phone so much that I can’t fully immerse myself in the actual experience. It’s more about getting the content versus being the country”

Some report that the intense travel schedule gives them sever anxiety and they get travel burn out from all the airline flights and visits to countless countries trying to keep up with the demand of their ever growing audience. And the trips themselves aren’t all relaxing either. Often a trip to a great exotic vacation spot will include meetings with hotel management, photographs of room, tours, talking to locals, interviewing staff and little to no sleep. The need to post constantly on Instagram and other platforms creates a feeling of responsibility to always create content.


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