Need a quick adrenal rush, without having to update your passport? There is plenty to do in the good ole, USA to get your blood pumping and get a thrill.

“Rock climbing and freestyle bouldering. Coming face-to-face with lions and wolves. Surfing towering waves. Exploring underground caverns” –

The America’a Favorite Places survey was conducted and readers evaluated hundreds of cities and towns across a range of categories such as quality of pizza, locals, etc. Participants rated cities based on winter and hiking sports as well as mountain biking and more. So without further adieu here is the list is reverse order:

  • 15. Seattle, Washington
  • 14. Nashville, Tennessee
  • 13. Richmond, Virginia
  • 12. Portland, Oregon
  • 11. San Antonio, Texas
  • 10. San Diego, California
  • 9. Wilmington, North Carolina
  • 8. Boulder, Colorado
  • 7. Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • 6. Tucson, Arizona
  • 5. Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • 4. Salt Lake City, Utah
  • 3. Denver, Colorado
  • 2. Colorado Spring, Colorado
  • 1. Honolulu, Hawaii

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