Do you have a bucket list? If you are an adventure travelers, my guess is you do. And, it is probably pretty long and ever-changing. Here are some great ideas to add to that list, that will give you the thrill of a lifetime (if you survive them!)

  1. Bungee Jumping – There are a lot of places to bungee jump, even amusement parks offer some kind of bungee jumping attraction, so make sure yours in an incredible place like the picture here in Verzasca Dam Switzerland.
  2. Skydiving – This must be bungee jumping’s wild uncle. But if you are into adventure, it is a must.
  3. Cliff Jumping – You can do this anywhere cliffs meet the ocean and the water beneath is deep enough. It might bring back childhood memories of swinging on a rope out to the center of a lake or spring. Its a thrill!

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