Vlogging has become the go-to medium for anyone trying to get a message out or who wants to promote, well, anything. It is fun to do and fun to watch and one of Just Breakaway’s founders is getting in the action. Steve is the founder an inspiration behind Just Breakaway and what many of you don’t know, is that in addition to teaching Finance, Steve loves to grab a camera and head out to see what he can capture. Since finance doesn’t lend itself to much creativity, Steve has fallen in love with the vlogging process because it allows him to talk about his ideas, opinions and plans and use his creative side through the editing and design of the vlog.

So, what is Steve vlogging about? Well, lots of things. Having the name Steve Martin, demands that anything public have some humor. So Steve’s vlogs often call out obvious ridiculousness that we see in life and puts a practical spin on things. As a social economist, he focuses on people and issues we face.

Check out Steve’s vlog here and let us know what you think!