We write a lot of stories about #vanlife and living a sustainable life on the road. We recently came across a great story about Jordan Khana who rescued two puppies abandoned on the side of a remote road in Arizona. They quickly became his traveling companions and now accompany Jordan on his life adventure capturing great photos along the way.

The Trio has been all over the states, about 32,000 miles in total. They have about 90,000 followers on Instagram and Youtube combined. They have hiked through national parks such as Yellowstone and visited famous spots, taking pictures along the way. the three go wherever the work is. Jordan was a Digital Director and now freelances to make ends meet.

He advises anyone who wants to quit their job and travel full time:

“IF you are passionate about that, you will find a way to make it work. Believe in yourself, Take a leap. The stories and experiences outweighs the fears of ‘what ifs'”

Find Jordan on Instagram and Youtube