We are all looking for ways to make extra money so that we can afford to live the way we want. Your dream might be to pay for adventurous vacations or to quit your 9-5 gig and work remotely while you travel. I have been working remotely for five years and in addition to blogging, I work with startup companies and entrepreneurs as a consultant and document writer. It allows me to take off whenever I want and travel. Its great!

So, I am always looking for ways to increase my client base and one of the resources I use is called Upwork. It is a site that brings clients and freelancers together for mutually beneficial projects and some long term engagements. While doing some research I ran into a website called Full-time Nomad. On their site they offer a free Upwork proposal document to use when bidding on jobs. I have had pretty good success getting jobs on Upwork, but I thought, “what the heck, why not give it a try?” The new proposal was not far from mine, but it included some small nuances that I had never used before. I tried this yesterday afternoon and so far the results are incredible!

You have to realize that I generally bid on about 40 jobs per month on Upwork and get awarded approximately 5-6. The jobs are for work are fairly high priced for the site at between $500 – $1500 per job. I considered my award rate o.k.  But that means I am getting about 1-2 jobs per week. and I have a stellar track record getting the job once I have talked to a customer. I have yet to not be awarded a job after I speak to a potential customer on the phone or skype. If I get a a request for a call, I am confident I will get the job.

So back to Full-time Nomad,I made the minor changes that they recommended and bid on a few jobs. By the end of the evening, I had an appointment scheduled for two days later. Again, this morning, I bid on a few jobs and within an hour, had an appointment, phone call and job award.

I don’t usually promote products or websites, but, unless there are other factors such as pickup after christmas or just happenstance, the results of their advice were real and measurable. If you are considering freelancing or are a freelancer and need some ideas or a boost, check them out!