Although #Vanlife appeals to people of all ages, it has struck millennials more than any other group it seems. And that makes sense because they are at the age where they have little responsibility but for themselves, they are independent, looking to make their way in life. And for many, Their way is on four wheels. So, today we are sharing the adventure of Eamon Fitzgerald and Rebecca Moroney of Toronto, Canada.

This couple has been living in a converted cargo van since Spring 2017, zig zagging across Canada from the snow-topped mountains to the beaches of Prince Edward County.

“the best part of van life is you have your home with you everywhere you go”

Some of the places they park can be like living in a multi-million dollar cottage on the water. but for this couple living on wheels started out as a way around Toronto’s sky rocketing rents. It allowed them to save resources to expand their business, Chaiwala, which supplies natural masala chai to independent cafes. They turned down a $2,200 lease on a basement apartment to buy their van and after refitting it, spent about $24,500. They repurposed a lot of the materials they used including wood and subway tile from Italy. They have made the van cozy with insulated and paneled walls, a foldaway table, futon bed/couch, fridge, cabinets and counter with a stovetop and sink.

They don’t worry about “stealth parking” and say:

“Most nights, if we haven’t found somewhere epic to park, like a great spot on the water, we’ll look for a Walmart”

Complete article found at The Star