So you are trying to live a more sustainable and healthy life, but if you are on the road and can’t garden or grow your own veggies or herbs. How do you know that what you are buying at the store is truly organic as the labels say? A recent investigation by NerdWallet identified flaws in the Us Department of Agriculture’s certification process. But there are things you can do to ensure you get what you paid for.

“The USDA has a database that lets you look up a company’s organic certification. Under the “Status” tab, you can search for companies whose organic status has been revoked or suspended and choose to avoid those. While NerdWallet found that the USDA certification process is unreliable and the list incomplete, consumers can at least rule out food from companies that the agency has taken enforcement actions against.”

You can also buy local, wherever you are. Look for farmers markets or community supported agriculture programs. Talk to the employees about how the food is grown and handled.


If you must go to the grocery store look at the country of origin. Do a little research on the regulations that country enforces on food growing and handling.

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