The weather is hot at the beach, cold in the mountains. You drive on slippery sand at the beach, cold packed snow in the mountains. You wear next to nothing at the beach and everything you own in the mountains. And the gear. How to store the gear.

These are the dilemmas of VanLife if you want to fully experience all it has to offer. But with some pre planning you can successfully manage all terrains and climates.

“As soon as you leave the relative safety of the beach and head towards a snow-filled mountain pass, something as easy as a tire upgrade can make a world of difference……In some areas you can even buy tires with studded tread or may be required to have chains for your tires. It will be essential to switch back to all season tires once the winter is over.”–

Invest in solar panels and winterize with insulation too. This will make transitions easier as you go from hot to harsh to winter climates. Also, rain guards can make or break a drive in the cold, humidity when you need to crack your window to clear your windshield.

With these steps and essential pieces of gear, winter car camping will be a safer and more comfortable activity.”–

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