We are all searching for that dream job. We go to work, put in our time, gripe under our breath and spend our weekends and evenings doing what we really want to do. And, it usually has nothing to do with what we do at work. But what if you could make money off that hobby? Here are four ways to do that.

First, make sure what you do actually produces a good product.

“You’re not the best judge of your work, and neither are your family and friends. You need a mentor — an experienced professional –and honest feedback. Before you can make real money, your work has to be remarkable.”

Get Proof of concept:

“A quick-and-dirty method of assessing your marketability is a crowd-funding campaign. Kickstarter, GoFundMe and Indiegogo are popular”

Then start working on it, on the side. Use your job to pay the bills. The more you hate your job the better the side hustle will be. Finally write a business plan. This is a great exercise to get your goals in order and reveal if they are realistic or not. If you can’t write one yourself, hire it out. It is worth it.

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