If you have kids, you would probably think twice about taking them on a long trip. You don’t see too many VanLifers out there with kiddos in toe and for very good reason. But, there are some very adventurous and brave parents out there that take extended vacations and some that take the kids on long term living adventures in campers.

“But #vanlife with a two- and five-year old is not all steaming mugs of Aeropress coffee at dawn, nor is it late afternoon light slanting through the open back door over a freshly cracked novel.”–Jezebel.com

Things can get challenging. Try cooking for a family:, breakfast, lunch dinner; breakfast lunch dinner, breakfast, lunch, dinner………..

“VW campers have little kitchens that are so beautifully functional, but it’s not like cooking at home. It’s still a hot dog situation, or chili from a can. It’s not like you’re in there mashing up garlic for your zesty from-scratch sauce.” –Jezebel.com

There are many other fun things to consider, that you might not think of until you get out on the open road. Like, going to the bathroom, showering, entertainment (strenuous activities will ensure kids are asleep early) and discipline.

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