I personally have some experience working on the road. Most of what I do is writing and consulting so I can literally do my job from anywhere…..with internet. Sounds like a great life, but when you are traveling with family, or with a purpose other than the work you have, it can be very difficult to manage and prioritize your time. It was both frustrating and convenient at the same time and I can honestly say, I don’t know if I would choose to work on the road long term. Here are some pros and cons to it:


Not only can you work from anywhere, but you can work at any time during the day or night. As a traveller this is the perfect situation, because you want to be out exploring as much as possible. The last thing you want is to be travelling through countries you’ve dreamed of visiting, only to be stuck behind your laptop all day every day.” – travellingapples.com

Working on the road can be lucrative depending on what you do for a living. You can choose what you work on and if you are freelancing you can pick what jobs you want and which ones you don’t. Freelancing also comes with NO BOSS. Yea!!  But that means that it is all on you. A day off means a day of no pay.

“One of the most frustrating problems with work and travel are Wi-Fi issues.” – travellingapples.com

This was my experience too. Even places that we thought we would have no problem, we did. There was either no signal for anyone (mountains) or the area we were in didn’t have much coverage for our carrier.

“Working as a freelancer can be a lonely experience. One of the great positives of working a regular job is the bonds and friendships you form with co-workers. As a freelancer you’re often working on projects alone, and the isolation can be a real issue for people who enjoy interacting with people. With workspaces opening up everywhere you go, where you can rent a desk on a weekly or monthly basis alongside other freelancers, there are solutions available. But it’s not always like that, and you may have to get used to the loneliness if you want to be a freelancer full-time.”

Inconsistent income is also a huge issue and if you don’t have a buffer and savings account,you will struggle to pay your bills on time. Hopefully you have planned for this before taking the plunge into the freelancing world.

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