The open road is a hard calling to resist. We have written a lot about VanLife and the great adventure. We have also given you a lot of information about the trials and the reality of it. Some things to consider before selling it all and packing the new-old van are your daily requirements such as washing dishes, what you wear, where you sleep and go to the bathroom. Also to be considered is the budget, whether to use campsites, flexibility, Planning (or not being able to).

“When you move into a van, things change. Your routine changes. It needs to in order to make this whole thing work. You learn to do dishes with little to no water. You learn that a wardrobe of two shirts and a pair of pants can be stretched through a few months. Check the feed of any vanlifer and you’ll be able to pinpoint the entirety of their wardrobe within 12 images.”

But, learning to have a different “normal” can bring with it great satisfaction and joy.

“Enjoy your time out there. Enjoy every damn second. And when you are bouncing down that road in Mexico and discover that that cactus you brushed up against poked a hole in your tire, take a second, collect yourself, breathe. Grab your patch kit out of the back and crack a cold drink out of your solar fueled mini fridge.”

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