San Pedro de Atacama

Adventure travel is trending now, and vacationers of all ages are reaching out to tour operators to plan and give them an adventure of a lifetime. Here are some ideas to get your juices flowing and get you excited about planning your next trip.

Saguenay – Lac St. Jean. This is in the heart of Quebec, Canada and is known for its majestic Saguenay Fjord and Lake St. Jean which is a freshwater inland sea.

Mexico – This is no surprise and many of you have already taken trips to Mexico. For those who have not, learn traditional tortilla making in the Chiapas and boat down the Usumacinta River.

Chile – visit the extreme landscapes such as the vast desert of San Pedro de Atacama or journey to the wild lands of Patagonia.

Alaska – it has the largest protected wilderness on earth. There is no end to adventure Alaska and is considered America’s last frontier.

Namibia – Home to rich cultural traditions. There is an extreme mix of the elements, incredible wildlife, and endless cascading sands.

Switzerland – Climb the country’s via ferrata and witness the grandeur of the Grindelwald Mountains.

Switzerland’s via ferratas