There used to be stereotype that living in your car was something you did if you were homeless, with no other options. That stereotype is quickly becoming obsolete as more and more restless adventurers make the choice to live in a van or camper to travel or allocate their money in other, more purposeful ways.

What are some reasons that people take the plunge and dive out of the traditional life to become nomadic? Some just want to be in charge of their own life. They are tired of working the 9-5 (or longer), to build someone else’s dream. Many are millennials who have gone to college but can’t bear the thought of working the slog. With the ability to earn money online, these innovative youngsters are choosing to see the world.

Another reason VanLifer’s do what they do, is to travel before they can’t. Many plan to settle down later, but want to get their adventure in either before they have kids or before they are too old to enjoy it.

Some are just plain old outdoorsy people who enjoy being outside hiking, climbing, rafting, camping, etc. The VanLife gives them the opportunity see a variety of landscapes and terrains to satisfy their inner being.

Others live in a van or camper because of their job. Photographers and seasonal workers find it easier to just take their home with them where they can have some comfort affordably, while they travel around a region, country or world to do their passion or earn an income.