VanLife isn’t necessary just for the country you live in. Many adventurers ship their van overseas and explore unknown territories abroad. But for most of us, we still have to budget and plan out every penny. Here we have some insights into traveling across Europe in your van from someone who did it for a year.

A large part of your budget is fuel: approximately $474 per month and then there are other van related expenses such as:

  • Car Parks
  • Tolls
  • Ferries
  • Miscellaneous

Second part of the budget should be food and everything else. Food, tourists fees, wifi, coffee, campsites for showers, total should come to about $89 per week. break it dow further you get to about 5 lbs per day.

Because of exorbitant bank fees associated with currency conversions with traveling throughout Europe, consider purchasing a Travel Money Card, This is a unique card that you can load foreign currency onto and use it to withdraw cash at an ATM, or in a store or online. It operated just like a bank card. There aren’t any charges to use the card other than a small fee to withdraw cash.

Here are some tips to help stay in your budget.

  1. Fill up your tank when you are in a place where gas prices are relatively low. Gas prices vary widely from country to country in Europe, so make sure you think ahead.
  2. Shop in cheap supermarkets like Aldi.
  3. Avoid campsites whenever possible. Find free places to park for the night, unless you need a shower.
  4. Take the scenic route and avoid toll roads. It might take you longer, but you are not in a hurry anyway right?
  5. Get a local SIM card to cut down international call fees.
  6. The budget figures don’t include smoking and drinking, so if you do partake in either of those, add that to your budget.
  7. Look for free activities in the cities that you visit. Also, hike whenever you can. You get great views, exercise and fun.
  8. Water is free in every country across Europe. Look for signs for free drinking water .
  9. Dining out will destroy your budget. Try to only eat out every once in a while as a treat.