Life on the road is free and exciting and full of new things to do and see. But, with that also comes hard work to do things that we take for granted in our regular, stay put, lives, like toilets, showers and washing machines. Gear Junkie recently put together a great list of things that will make life camping or on the road a little more comfortable. So, check out the list below that will help with sleeping, food storage, relaxing, and working.

1. Goal Zero Yeti 400 Portable Power Station. This can be charged with Solar Panels and used to power electric devices such as fridge/freezers.

2. Kelty Ardent Backpack – O.k., so the guy that recommends this, works for Kelty, but the back pack is probably pretty good. It is great for short hikes and lots of pockets for small stuff.

3. SOG Salute MTNT pocket knife – Great for everything.

4. Kelty Lowdown Chair/Mesh Low Love Chair – Lowdown chair reclines for relaxation and the low-love chair is like a love seat. Both have insulated cup holders.

5. Kelty True Comfort Doublewide 20 – great sleeping bag that comes with two separate blankets. Fits two.

6. Engal Fridge/Freezer – This has a compressor and runs on battery power.

7. Goal Zero Boulder 100 Solar Panel – Attache it to the top of your van or trailer to keep electronics going.

8. Kelty Doger Duffel – Great bag for clothes and toiletries. It has two internal accessor pockets and zippered end pockets.

9. Kelty Sine 20 Sleeping Bag – Single sleeping bag and great for sleeping in a hammock. It uses 800-fill DriDown and weighs only 2lbs.

10. ENO SingleNest Hammock – This is made for one person who can weigh up to 400 lbs.! It uses aluminum carabiners and has 30 adjustment points to adjust to any tree size.

11. Nite Ize Steelie FreeMount – This little tool affixes your phone or mapping system  and attaches with magnets.

12. Baby Wipes

13. Duct Tape.

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