Learn about this Australian couple who ditched their 9-5 jobs in pursuit of the “ultimate surf trip around Australia”. Josh Kilner and Elise Taylor both of Adelaide, Australia completed their college degrees and decided going on to the corporate life just wasn’t for them, yet. They bought a 2005 Kia Preggio van, took on five jobs between them to renovate and save and are now living their dream traveling around Australia.

To date, they have driven over 10,000 miles, fist going north to the Western Tropics in order to avoid winter. Then south along the western coast, playing in along the way in the Ningaloo reef and the coral coast. But, according to Elise, it isn’t all glamorous. “Van life is raw, its dirty, cramped, you can go for weeks without seeing a hot shower…”. Washing clothes and yourself can be a challenge, tasks we rarely see as luxuries, but they are when you don’t have a toilet or laundry facilities. So, why do they do it? The rewards of course. The places they see and the freedom is extraordinary. Their backyard changes daily from a secluded beach to a mountain range.

The couple plans to continue traveling for the time being. They will go further south and explore Western Australia, South Australia and then Victoria, Tasmania and the eastern states, finishing in Northern Territory. What comes after that? Maybe Asia to backpack across the continent. Currently, they have no itinerary and they like it that way.

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original article published on lonelyplanet.com