If you are living in your van or considering it, I am sure that you received some push back from family members, in part because of safety. During the day, when you are out and about, as long as you don’t venture into rough areas, safety is not really an issue. Safety becomes a concern at night, while you are sleeping. Here are some ideas to keep safe.

According to Thevanual.com, the best piece of advice is to “embrace the ‘stealth’ van life”. What does this mean? It means making it appear as if you don’t live in your van and your vehicle is just like any other vehicle. First, make your van look insignificant. We all like the look of the cool VW vans, with hippy style paint jobs and interiors. They are often loaded up with gear on the outside too. This type of decoration draws attention and makes it obvious you live in your van.

Cargo vans, although not as sexy, are very common as commercial work vehicles and with it comes urban camouflage. Whatever van you choose, don’t put crazy stickers all over it and black out the windows with black out curtains.

It is actually easier than you think to find free, legal parking overnight. Never park in the same spot two days in a row. Find a few spots and rotate amongst them when you are in a particular area for an extended period of time. Once it is dark or you are in your “night” spot. Stay in – light out or unseen.

Where are spots to park overnight? According to Thevanual.com you will have a wide range of choices: Out in nature, In the city – where cars are normally parked overnight. Avoid high crime areas and on dark secluded streets.

Original article published on Thevanual.com