If you are a world traveler, this list will pique your interest. Some of the hikes are outstanding and appropriate for the weekend adventurer, others require some real skill and should not be attempted with out real experience hiking in difficult terrain. But all of them offer outstanding views and experiences that can only be found in that place.

Inca Trail, Peru – A very popular hiking destination. It is 26 miles long and winds through the jungle, mountains and ruins.And it end in the famous Mach Picchu.

Overland Track, Lake St. Clair National Park, Australia – Running from Cradle Mountain to Lake St. Clair, this trail is 40 miles and takes about 6 days to complete. But it will be worth it. The trail goes through rainforest, alpine meadows and summits and waterfalls.

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania – This one is no surprise, as it is on most serious hikers’ list. Most use a guide for the trip and those who are successful to make it to the top get an incredible view

Kungsleden, Sweden – Also known as the King’s Trail, it is 275 miles long. Few have completed the entire length of it and most do a 3-5 day hike and get to witness the beautiful Arctic landscape, huge glaciers and open tundra.

Grand Canyon Rim to Rim – 44 miles of incredible views and unique experiences in hiking and nature.

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