Many of us have a dream of sailing around the world. It sounds so romantic and you picture yourself out there on your boat, wine in hand, watching the sun set and rise everyday, while you look out over the vast ocean. But the truth is, it can be hard work and sometimes the sea is not so nice. Therefore, it is important that you have the right vessel for the trips you will take. One that will get you where you want to go and protect you. Below are some great boats that should get the job done and provide a comfortable lifestyle too.

CALIBER 40 LRC – This is a beautiful, 40′ cruiser with plenty of room on the inside for passengers. The keel is fully encapsulated and the ballast to displacement ration is 44%. The cockpit sits in a T and has loads of room for guests.

HYLAS 46 – A little bigger the than the Caliber, the Hylas 46 is a cutter-rigid slip with a center cockpit and modern underbody. It runs low, sleep and fast and boasts of two cabins and two heads. Engine has easy access under the stairs.

ISLAND PACKET 420 – We love the Island packet, which recently made a come back after it was discontinued. It now has an almost cult-like following. They are solid and safe with beautiful interiors that will remind you that you are cruising in style. This one has two cabins and two heads.

TATAN 3700 – This boat has been in production for over 10 years and has a 12′ 7″ bean carried well aft. This gives great stability and plenty of room both above and below deck. There is a self-tacking jib and a roller fuller to keep the boat moving in light air. the boat has two cabins and one head with a tall shower. Great boat for long distance cruising.

VALIANT 42 – This is a tough, double-ended, cutter rigged sloop and known as a performance cruiser.This boat is practical with little exterior teak.