It is built like an airplane on the outside, drives like a camper and is designed like a boat on the inside. This is a renewed blast from the past that was first designed in 1934. The designer, Hawley Bowlus was known for sailplanes, gliders and early development of the Learjet, which explains the camper’s sleek look and riveted construction. Only 80 went into production back in the 30’s and then in 2014 the Bowlus brand was relaunched.

This cool camper is only available in two models, the On The Road Edition that retails for $137,000 and the Limited Edition Endless Highway model that costs $219,000. They are made from sheet aluminum and put together with 5,000 aircraft rivets. And, its towing capacity is 3,000 lbs lighter than similarly sized trailers. When means a typical SUV can pull the trailer.

The interior is reminiscent of a top notch, luxury boat. It has a full cook’s kitchen and a living room that seats five. The trailer sleeps four and the Limited Edition comes with large skylights, a screened porch door and heated floor. But the biggest feature is a lithium battery system that allows you to go offgric for over a week at a time. It can power anything from lights to an air conditioner.