If you are living in your van/RV or you are an extremist looking for a new adventure in your 4-wheel drive, you might want to take a look at the latest overloading gear you have to have.

Matrix: Matrix has a new Xtreme model that retails for $429. These are designed for professional users, $WD trainers and military clients to use in recovery situations.

ARB LINX System: This system includes a mini tablet, universal gimbal mount and switch control box. It is an accessory control system.

MORryde Trail Kitchen: This is just a prototype but should hit the market in the first half of 2018. It is a collapsible kitchen that stores in the back of your vehicle.

Scheel-mann Seat –  Incredibly comfortable  automotive seats with a new integrated seatbelt for Traveler and Touring models.

RAM Mount Aluminum Tough-Track – this is a really cool mounting system  in aluminum. It allows you to mount almost anything to any surface such as navigation, coms and electronics.

Wilco Offroad Truck Rack System – This entire rack only weight 60 lbs. and comes with two adjustable bars. In addition it is a universal fit for all brand truck beds in two sizes.

Black Forest by Webasto – Black Forest is a new Brand Offering for Overlanding products. They offer 12-volt fridges and Jeep JK accessories such as metal rear storage systems, rear base plate, 200 ob. slide, en gina food warming compartment and ThrowBack soft fold back roof.

Bubba Rope Gator-Jaw PRO-Line – Off road recovery rope which is a new 3/8 inch synthetic winch line with an integrated soft shackle. It only weighs 3.9 lbs and eliminates the need for metal winch hooks or thimbles.

Rigid Industries SAE Compliant Lighting – This is a full line of SAE compliant/DOT certified Led fog, high beam and driving lights.

RhinoRack Aluminum Folding Ladder – this aluminum folding ladder is perfect for hard shell RTT and for easier rack loading on lifted vehicles.

Article originally published on Expedition Portal