You may or may not have heard the story of two women who set off in a 50 ft. sailboat from Hawaii to Tahiti, only to get lost at sea for 5 months. They were recently rescued 900 miles southeast of Japan. But skeptics are now starting to question whether or not they were really adrift as they say, or just on an extended sailing trip.

So, here are the facts.

They left Hawaii in May, with a years worth of food and two dogs, headed towards Tahiti.They did have an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) on board which was properly registered. The women say that soon after they departed storms badly damaged their mast, engine, radio and satellite communications. In addition, the boat endured multiple shark attacks. When the storms took out the antennae, they took out their communication systems. The coast guard, however says that there were no organized storm systems near the Hawaiian Islands on or a few days after May 3rd, their departure date. There was, however, a small craft advisory on their departure date of strong east-northeast trade winds.

The women said that passing ships ignored their calls for help on several occasions as well as US authorities stationed on Wake Island. In fact, on October 1st, the women say they made contact with officials on Wake Island, The women say when they came within two miles of the shore the officials on the island told them if they could get to the entrance of the Harbor, that they could help them. But they were on the opposite side of the island and winds pushed them away.

A US Navy Ship got a distress call from a Taiwanese fishing boat asking them to rescue the Sea Nymph. The Coast Guard has issued as statement that they believe that the EPIRB on the boat was working properly. The women say that the reason that they did not use the EPIRB device is because they felt the device was for ships in imminent danger and although lost and adrift, they did not feel that they were in immediate peril.

In addition to a year’s worth of food, the women say they survived due to two water purifiers and a year’s worth of food such as oatmeal, pasta and rice.

So, what do you think?