Isn’t the Internet great! It allows moms to stay home and make money, it provides second incomes for struggling families and for this young entrepreneur, it funds his passion for travel. Jeremy Page has build a “small empire off of several highly successful internet business that leverage long-form, evergreen content to dominate search engine rankings”, according to an article recently published by

Jeremy uses a small outsourced team (aka freelancers) to work anywhere he wants. He get outstanding media exposure for his digital properties and earns a six figure income. His most recent venture is called Company Reviews and ranks the best companies that Page think will make consumers lives a lot easier. A main criteria for the making it on his list is the ability to generate passive income (do I have your attention now?). Company Reviews, along with his other sites allow him to spend large amounts of time wherever he wants. He has spent time in Brazil, Panama, Thailand, Vietnam and Macedonia in the last year.

When evaluating a business idea, page considers the ideas ability to scale content that people want and Google loves. If content is basic, it won’t rank well in Google even with a bunch of links. His first venture was a blog called Multiple Streams that included content around network marketing, small business ideas and work from home jobs. He built his content and become one of the largest network marketing and work from home blogs on the internet. That site gets about 300,000 unique visitors a month now, almost all organic. Visitors are great, but they don’t bring cash all on their own. So how does he monetize? That particular site generates income with a mentorship program which teaches marketers how to provides leads for businesses.

Overall, Page leans towards ideas the include “long-form, evergreen content that will be relevant five to 10 years from now”. Because this type of content takes a lot more time and effort to build and maintain, it cares many people away. Page was not always an internet superstar. After he graduated from college he sold phones at a mall kiosk until he got fed up and began binge reading some of the industries leading talking heads. He read book by Tim Ferris, Robert Allen and Richard Branson. These successful entrepreneurs gave him the focus he needed, but not before a long run of failures. by 2015 page was making per month, what he made in a year at an SEO job he taken.

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