Recently we ran an article about passive income that has gotten a lot of great response. This week, we are going to give you some great remote money making ideas that we personally have experience with or know people personally who do it. So often I will click on an article about side hustles, or working remotely only to feel like these ideas were half baked with no real basis behind them. These ideas can be taken on the road for some real income. Not all will fully support you, but every little bit helps.

Freelancing: When my daughter went into middle school we made a commitment for someone to be home when she got off the bus. I could lower my income, but I could not go to zero. I started looking for ways to make money from home. I found ALOT of scams!  But what I did find that was real were freelancing sites like Elance (now Upwork), Freelancer and Odesk. Since I am not a tech person and don’t have graphic arts skills either, I decided I would write. There are many, many writing opportunities out there to write for blogs, write for business, or write website content. What I found were resumes. Kind of weird, but writing resumes can pay between $50 – $200 per job. Since I didn’t really know how to write a resume,I faked ’till I made, and created a couple of examples using resources online. Once I got one job (by low balling the bid, I’m sure!) it snowballed from there. I eventually built that up to about $1,000 per month.

Write a Newsletter or Magazine: We are enthusiasts of a particular model car and participate in a couple of active forums. Because it is an interest, we know a lot about the car and the history of it. We engaged the car community and got a few others to write articles on a regular basis (because they too, love the car). We then put together a small quarterly magazine, that we sold through a shopify account for $29 a year. This made a profit right off the bat and we netted $400 – $500 per month, I think. If you are on the road full time, you could find a drop shipper to help with the shipping. This was a very part time gig, that we dedicated an hour or so a week to and then one full weekend a quarter to put the layout together. You might have to learn a program like InDesign or PhotoShop.

Selling Calendars: This is related to the one above. We targeted the same interest group and had a contest among the members to choose the photos for the calendar. They submit entries for the their car and then we put them into categories. The members then vote for their favorites in each category and the top contenders get their pictures in the calendar. We sell the calendar for about $15 plus shipping. This is not a monthly income generator, but we have profited about $1800- $2000 every year, paying for christmas for the past 3 years.

Drop Shipping: This one I have not personally done, but I know someone who does this. You have to establish an Amazon Store and/or an Ebay account. You can use tools provided by Amazon to determine what is selling well on the site. There are a couple of ways you can do this. 1. you can advertise products at a percentage higher than one could buy them at the store, let’s say Walmart. When the customer orders the item from you, you then take their information and order the item from Walmart, to be shipped directly to the customer. They have paid you through Amazon, so you then pay Walmart and keep the difference in the prices. 2. Another option is to source the product, have it shipped to a drop shipping warehouse (Amazon of course does this) and sell the product online. Once the product sells, your drop shipping warehouse handles all of the shipping details and you collect the cash.

Blogging/Vlogging: Blogging can produce real money. I personally know a couple who produces weekly vlogs. Because they have built up a fan base over the last few years by blogging, they are able to make over $2000 per video through a site called Patreon. Through Patreon, their fan base can subscribe to their videos, maybe $2 per video. They get behind the scenes footage, and the opportunity to meet the couple or ask questions. This can take a long time build up if don’t already have a lot of followers, but might be the most lucrative idea on our list.


Picture from Dynamo Ultimate.