Van Life seems so adventurous and sexy! You quit your job, sell most of your stuff and leave your troubles behind, as you embark on new places and things to do. But, what if you just hate it!  Having a home base, that isn’t on wheels not only has its benefits (A bathroom comes to mind), but the nomadic life might not be for everyone.

Luckily, to get in on the Van Life trend, some businesses are offering rentals, so that you can try it out. Now, RV rentals have been around for while. We rented one for a vacation one time and it was a blast. Then there was that movie with Robin Williams called RV, where his family rented an RV for a vacation, much to the dismay of his teenagers. In that movie, people who lived full time  in a bus/RV were portrayed as hippie-freaks. That image is rapidly changing and it might be lifestyle you want to live.

Here is a list of places that you can check out RV/Van rentals. This is compliments of, one of our favorite blogs.

Jucy USA RV Rentals – San Francisco, Las Vegas or LA. They rent camper vans/mini RV’s. They design them in their own manufacturing division to control quality and function.

Escape Camper Vans – With 9 locations across the United States, it is easy to go and pick up a camper van on your way to your adventure. The vans are brightly colored and sleep up to 3 adults (more with rooftop tent). Each van has bedding, 2-burner stove, sink, running water, refrigerator and utensils, chairs, etc.

Lost Camper USA – According to Bearfoot Theory, these have the best beds. They come with a full size bed, linens, privacy curtains, storage, picnic tables/chairs, side awning, stereo, air/heat, outdoor kitchen and cooking set,

Mercedes Sprinter RV Rentals – this one gets the prize for luxury. You can rent one of these in 11 of the Western U.S. states and 21 International Airports. These come with solar and a generator which gives them a constant supply of electricity. A full kitchen with a stove, small refrigerator and sink are in every model, a bathroom, shower, and beds.

Vintage Safari Wagons – This one wins the cool award. They rent VW camper buses from their Los Angeles location. The campers are livable for up to 4 people and includes everything you need to cook, eat, sleep, drive and relax.

For the full list check out They vans rent by the day, week and by the mile. You can spend a few hundred dollars up to a few thousand (that’s the sprinter).