Are you looking for a freer lifestyle with an awesome cost of living? This list comes from boat enthusiasts who spend 100% of their time living on a boat of some kind, often sailing to the far reaches of the world. There are pros and cons, of course to the life style, but here we thought we would give you a good dose of the pros (hint: Low cost of living!)

Cost of Living: It was a hint and here it is. Assuming your boat is paid for and you haven’t racked up non-living related bills like credit cards and upside down car loans, you can live on a boat for the cost of food, gas and maintenance. Including a boat slip, electricity, water, and food you can live on your boat for $460 per month. Go out on anchor and lower that significantly.

Living Simply: Living on your boat can be a much simpler lifestyle. If you are willing to cut the technology back, you can enjoy a quiet, serene existence on the water with great books and deep conversations.

Less Clutter: In order to move onto the boat, you have to make some real hard decisions about what stuff  you can live without and what makes the cut to come onto the boat. You may not realize it, but you will be choosing a minimalist lifestyle and with that comes……..less clutter. And, whose life wouldn’t be better with less clutter? No ones!

More Self-reliant: Depending on what port you are at, there might not be a great selection of professionals around to make repairs and maintain your boat. So guess who does most of the handyman duties? You! And that’s a good thing. Your boat is your investment, just like a house, so you will want to make sure work is done properly. Also, the more you know that safer you are when you are out to sea.

Living Green: If you are environmentally conscious, you will love this one. Living on a boat requires less resources like water, electricity, fuel and paper but you will also find more natural resources for things like cleaning, bug repellant, and more.

Sunrises and Sunsets: On your boat, you will likely have at least one unobstructed horizon to watch the sun rise or set. Sit back and sip the first day’s coffee while watching a beautiful sunrise over a vast ocean or relax after a great day with a glass of wine while the amber colors of the sun fill the sky as it descends.

Wildlife: If you are living in suburbia now, your exposure to daily wildlife probably includes squirrels, birds and an occasional raccoon or opossum as they forage in your trash. Imagine waking up to dolphins alongside your boat, tropical birds, monkeys, iguanas and whales. Now, that is cool wildlife.

Adventure: Everyday brings a different adventure, one that you design. It might be a hike to a beautiful waterfall, trip to the local market or a trip kayaking into unchartered waters.

Freedom: Knowing you can control your own destiny every day is very liberating. Even if you have to work (which is becoming more reasonable to do from a boat every day), it beats the grind in a cubicle and the intense drive through rush hour traffic.

Traveling in your Home: This may be the best thing about living on a boat. You can travel with all of your belongings in a space that you have created to be your comfort zone. You won’t forget to bring anything

This is a portion of an article originally posted on Cruising World.