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Van Life is going viral. More and more, the young and old are ditching their old, laborious, 9-5 life and hitting the road. With the ability to bring in income online or through seasonal jobs, it is now in vogue to live in a van and travel the world.

According John Rothwell, founder of Searching for Sero, there are some very essential items that you will need to make the most of your adventure. John is a Canadian photographer, who rebuilt a vintage VW Westfalia (Westy as they are lovingly referred to) to accommodate a life on the road. He travels through North American full time working on a photo series about people who find happiness in adventure.

So what does John have in his goody bag that makes HIS adventure fulfilling? Here is his list:

A Westy – He spent 10 months refitting the van with a custom bumper, awning, solar showers, two beds and a lift kit. He now calls it home.

A Dog – This one needs no explanation. Everyone needs a dog.

Goal Zero Power Station – To charge everything he uses the Goal Zero Yeti 1250  and powers it with two Boulder 90 Solar Panels mounted on the top of the van. This runs the refrigerator and charges camera batteries cell phone and laptop.

Fly Fishing Kit – Proof x Tenkara Rod Co. Collaboration fly pouch and Tenkara Teton rod are his choice gear.

Liberty Skis Origin – These are good all-around rocker camber rocker skis that work great on powered and groomed runs. He has touring binding and skins on them too.

Camera Equipment – Essential for a photographer. John uses the Lower Whistler BP 350 backpack. He can carry this on his skis and tripos. He has two Canon camera bodies, lenses and GoPros. and for photography that happens in or near water he has a SPL water housing.

Suftech Surfboard – John has a Cudafish XL.

Surf tech Two Piece Paddle – this is a two piece carbon paddle that can be adjusted so that he doesn’t have to carry two paddles for surfing and touring. It is great for Van Life because it can be stored in the Thule Box.

Dry bag –  He uses the Watershed Ocoee, which is the perfect size for holding a camera lens and body.

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