Known as the Crown of the Continent, Glacier is the headwaters for streams that flow to the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and the Hudson’s Bay. Visiting in the fall is a spectacular sight, and offers outstanding colors and quiet and serene scenery. Because not all of the park’s amenities are open at this time, visitors must be able to visit more self sufficiently than during the summer. Many of the campgrounds are closed with the exception of St. Mary Campgrounds which are open through the winter.

But, with fall comes wild life as their winter preparations are made, especially the bears, that work diligently to fatten up. You will see more animals in general on the roadsides grazing. There are threatened and engendered species so you have to take care not to threaten their habitats. The park’s website has guidelines for viewing the different wildlife at safe distances.


There are many attractions nearby and within the park. You can visit Blackfeet Indian Reservation and Watertown-Glacier International Peace Park.

If you are looking for a more adventurous vacation there, you might consider going when the weather is warmer. Glacier guides will take you on half day, full day and overnight white water rafting trips or scenic floats on the turquoise rivers that form the park’s borders. There are also guided hiking trips for partial day or multiple days, what ever your heart desires.