Subscription based products and business are all the rage now. I haven’t partaken in any, mostly because I am afraid of an obsession and relentless love affair with my mailbox. There is something about getting goodies in the mail, it really doesn’t matter what it is (with the exception of those pesky bills we all get).

Vagabodish recently shared their experience with a subscription based business called Trailfoody. Trailfoody is a subscription box service that delivers a variety of health foods that are full of nutrients. In the words of the company, “Trailfood has to get you to those special places, sure. But, we also believe that taste is part of the adventure. Each month, we select premium foods that are healthy, have the right nutrient mix for outdoor activities and also have great taste”.

According to Vagabondish, they received a free three month’s of the subscription and the October Trailfood Wanderer box included:

  • Nuun Electrolyte Lemon + Lime drink mix 10-tablet tube
  • Taos Mountain Bars’ Caramel Pecan energy bar
  • Vermont Smoke & Cure Chipotle meat stick
  • Bearded Brothers Mega Maca Chocolate energy bar
  • Gorilly Goods Jungle trail mix
  • Tram Bites by Kate’s Real Food
  • Bare Cinnamon Apple Chips
  • Blue Diamond Sea Salt Nut Thins crackers
  • Nut Butter Nation Brown Sugar Cinnamon peanut butter

The total calories of the box is about 2,000, so this box is plenty for a long hike or a few short ones. The company has several subscription options that range in price from $19.95 per month to $36.95 per month, the latter of which would accommodate a group or family outing.

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