• Kombi Life put together a top travel vloggers for 2017 so we thought we would share them with you. We have heard a few of them, but I can’t wait to steal some time alone with my laptop and watch some of these great videos and adventures. Tell us which ones are your favorites.

          1. Gone with the Wynns. We have been following the Wynns for a long time. They are a fun couple that left their high paying careers and bought an RV to travel around the US. After a few years they decided to expand their horizons and bought a catamaran. They are have been traveling around the Caribbean and they are planning to sail through the Panama canal. Just Breakaway recently did an article on them, which you can find here.
          2. Sailing LaVagabonds – Riley and Elayna have been documenting their sailing adventures since 2014. With no sailing experience, the couple took off without looking back. They have been vlogging their journeys which have taken them across the Mediterranean, Atlantic, Caribbean, and Pacific Ocean. Another great couple Just Breakaway has connected with and published a unique article about. 
          3. Hey Nadine -Nadine Sykora travels the world and shares her  experiences and travel expertise via social media and through through videos. She is fun and cute and bubbly. She shares topics and stories of all things travel and shows people how to travel further, better and cheaper.
          4. Vegabrothers –  really talented. Awesome travel content, go across the globe. Travel hacks and tips and key videos in 360.They are Marko and Alex Ayling, brothers who are known online as the Vagabrothers. Their award winning videos and photographs and writings take you on their explorations of the planet and inspire other young people and viewers to do the same.
          5. SV Delos – Explore, Inspire, Repeat: that is their motto. They make sailing look super fun. They produce videos and take you places that you didn’t know existed.It all began in
          6. Kombi Life – Well of course this one is on the list. It is a great video blog, so check out great van life adventures.
          7. Mike corey – A legend who makes very inspirational videos. A very creative video maker.You can find him on youtube, Facebook, and twitter.
          8. Sailing Uma – What is unique about Sailing Uma is that Dan and Kika are sailing on an electric boat. They put alot of effort into producing videos and content about their sailing adventures around the world. .
          9. High on Life – These guys are slightly controversial and have been high profile lately because of trouble by breaking vlogging rules. But their content is inspiration. How to travel a long time with no money. Inspirational and motivating.
          10. Exploring Alternatives – this Vlog is a little different because it Introduces you to people living alternatively while on their travels. van life, tine houses, etc. It is produced by Mat & Danielle, a couple of minimalist nomads who are exploring long-term travel and road-tripping in their camper van.
          11. Expedition Overland – These are not typical travel Vloggers and the production is professional with a crew.They have a Big and very expensive rig, but the videos are great!