You can spend over $100,000 buying and outfitting a van to travel the world in. The thing is, the people who live this lifestyle, rarely have big incomes or savings accounts and would find a new van of that stature out of the question. So, we thought we would hunt down a more affordable example that would be relevant to the common van lifer. Let us know what you think!

We found this van on This particular conversion happened on a 2012 sprinter van, but I imagine you could do this on an older version or another kind of van. This conversion was well documented in pictures on  this moving house. The interior, like mosts vans is 151 sq. ft., but within those walls includes a kitchen with a two-burger stove, sink and refrigerator. The dining area utilizes rotating captain seats, as they swivel and offers little nooks and crannies everywhere for storage. What is great about this van is the sleeping arrangements. The owners, couple Jack Richens and Lucy Hedges, have to accommodate two kids on their travels. They used the berth method found in a boat and put in a three-berth design to sleep the family of four. The parents sleep on a full size bed and the kids each get their own bunk.

The layout isn’t the only thing that makes this conversion special. The details and materials make it look more like the interior of a boat than a van. They used light woods, white paneling and blue accents which make the space look larger than it really is and clean and simple. They were also very creative to make storage space like putting drawing of giraffes in the rear where they store surfboards and other gear tucked under the floor board.

This conversion is really inspiring. You can see how traveling for long periods of time, across countless miles could be comfortable. And if you start with an older, less expensive van, you can get going on the road for less than $50k.