They left six figure income jobs to go live in an RV. Who does that?

Nikki and Jason Wynn, that’s who. They were at a crossroads in their careers, with no black and white answers on which path they should take. But, the Dallas, Texas couple were creative entrepreneurs. Jason was landing big clients as a studio photographer and his wife Nikki ran a successful salon as a makeup stylist. They were 28 and working hard to achieve the American Dream.

Eventually, they realized they didn’t want that ‘American Dream’ to materialize into 60+ hr work weeks, mortgage handcuffs and a long-term dream of retiring. They had big dreams to travel the world. So, in February 2011, the couple chose to leave their careers and take on a new adventure.

They have been checking off bucket list items ever since.

In September 2014, the couple were left speechless at the “White Sands National Monument” in New Mexico, standing in a timeless dream-like expanse of crystal white sand with brush-stroke perfect clouds above and dark, craggy mountains in the distance.

December 2012 saw Nikki and Jason take themselves on their first ever, spine-tingling night scuba dive in the middle of a desert! The full moon glistened above Lake Havasu Arizona, while underwater the only way to glimpse those shipwrecks was to follow the narrow, eerie illuminating guide of a torch.

Does this sound like a journey you could get lost in? Well, get cozy. We’re diving in deep.

During the preparation stages, Nikki and Jason decided it was important that they continue enjoying their “home comforts” while living on the road. They weren’t planning a small vacation. No, this was a lifestyle they wanted to settle into. So little luxuries were important.

Their close knit Wynn family included two beautiful cats also, who required accommodation. So, after serious discussion, the couple decided on a large, class A motor home as their vehicle of choice.

It was a comfortable option, as even on sick days, the couple could restfully lay back on the sofa and watch some TV. Plus, with plenty of room on board, Nikki could sleep in as Jason prepared an early breakfast and no one had to put the bed away just to access the kitchen! They’d grind fresh coffee beans every morning, put the kettle on and take steaming hot showers. Not that anyone needs persuading about the benefits of traveling in a large RV.

Of course, there have trials along the way too. Once, when crossing the border into Alaska, the RV picked up a large nail puncture and began angrily hissing air. 30 miles remained to the nearest town and with zero phone reception for added comfort, Nikki and Jason had to work hard to manage their stress levels and problem solve their way through that nail biting 2 1/2 hour journey. They made it OK in the end though and as naturally optimistic people, this couple probably viewed the mini disaster as nature’s way of strengthening their loving bond!

The RV lifestyle is more affordable than you might think, too. The Wynns are proud of their “off-the-grid” approach, which has allowed them to travel without relying on campgrounds for waste disposal or electricity to charge their batteries. Instead, they have efficient solar panels, a composting toilet and even a DIY fresh drinking water appliance, that allows them to continue being self-sufficient every day.

Eventually, after 5 years on the road exploring the raw beauty of North America, the Wynns decided it was time to change course, sell the RV and sail the globe. While fending off poorly written “don’t risk it” advice from fearful followers and equally welcoming kind encouragement from more supportive fans, Nikki and Jason headed to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Splurging a little, they purchased a 45 ft catamaran which 1 year later still perfectly fits their needs. What is shocking about this, though, is that neither had ever sailed before.

Nikki and Jason had practically zero sailing experience when they made this big purchase. So, to many, it seemed counter intuitive that they took such a daring risk. Other’s fears didn’t faze the Wynn’s however, who simply maintained a crystal-clear vision and possessed a stubborn willingness to make their dream a reality. After acing a couple of sailing lessons, they took off in April 2016 to the Bahamas.

Heading into this new venture, Nikki and Jason knew there would be adjustments. The wi-fi was poor quality at the best of times and food supplies often required careful rationing. They were also tasked with adapting their two water-phobic cats to a sailor’s life at sea. Nothing a few dangling carpets over the side and ‘man overboard’ exercises couldn’t fix, though.

As with all new opportunities, your experience depends on your outlook. This life loving pair were brimming with excitement and their positive energy ensured that the first year and 3,000 nautical miles on the North Atlantic Ocean were something incredible from their dreams.

Living on the world’s largest swimming pool, Nikki and Jason have had breakfast with dolphins, sipped wine on the boat deck at sunset and caught fresh fish for dinner almost every day. They’ve cooked toasted egg sandwiches while wedged tightly between cupboards for safety, as the boat rode through enormous waves in a hectic storm.

One YouTube video documents the mesmerizing beauty they were immersed in, snorkeling in deep blue water under a huge mountainous rock to surface in a stunning cave. A cave named Thunderball Grotto, where actors like James Bond, Jessica Alba and Paul Walker have all filmed famous movies in.

During their travels, Nikki and Jason have received hundreds of questions on how they fund their adventures. The important point they make in response, is that being rich wasn’t a factor, nor were they lucky beneficiaries to a million-dollar family trust fund. Instead, they’re two normal humans who searched relentlessly from the beginning for ways to bring in an income on-the-go.

They started off as freelance writers and pitched companies to create video documentaries. As their “Gone with the Wynns” blog grew in popularity, they also set up an online store and earn income through affiliate links or sponsorships.

Today, the couple, and their travel vlog, have inspired so many other people along their journey that they’ve been receiving pledges totally $2,800 per video from the popular crowd funding site, Patreon. Financing their global traveling is not always sitting back and soaking in the sun 24/7.

There’s often 12+ hour days of editing video footage or scrambling to make writing deadlines. It’s work they mostly enjoy though, and surely if you could choose to work long hours stuck in a stuffy cubicle or choose an ‘RV Studio’ out in the wilderness overlooking a lightning storm dancing around the mountains, you’d choose the latter?

Traveling, for Nikki and Jason, is all about seeking experiences. They like to be in touch with the locals and the communities they visit. The little cafes, market stalls and family run breweries are important to them and are where close relationships are made and love is shared.
Today, the unstoppable Wynn team has friends all over the world and 100,000+ devoted fans on social media who are inspired by their continual striving for meaningful experiences.

They recently recruited new crew members, Dale and Justin, aboard their sailboat ‘Curiosity’ and the four of them are currently on route to Panama. Nikki and Jason have spent a full year sailing the Bahamas with training wheels on, learning the ropes (no pun intended!) and are ready for a new big adventure.

As optimistic explorers, they often hear from motivated fans saying they’re ‘living the dream’. To this, Nikki and Jason clarify that they’re living THEIR dream and want to encourage every single one of you reading to go live yours.